[Tfug] correct Kernel for an older AMD system

Christopher Robbins robbinsc at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 15:59:05 MST 2006

It shouldn't matter....2.6 will support this hardware as well as 2.4 will.
There are a bit of differences between each, too many to list here.  A
Google search lists quite a few guides.  The 2.6 is considered a bit more
"bleeding edge" in comparision to the older 2.4 kernels, but the 2.4 kernels
are older (tested) so may give a bit greater stability if you're running
some sort of production environment.....

I never had any stability problems with a 2.6 kernel.....Are you rolling
your own kernel for any specific reason? A distro will set you up just fine
(SuSE, Debian, Red Hat, et al) with nothing to worry about...


Google Search - linux 2.6 vs 2.4


On 4/3/06, hharden71 at netzero.net <hharden71 at netzero.net> wrote:
> which kernel will give me the best performance and feature mix on my older
> AMD powered PC?
> system data (in case it matters):
> AMD Athlon 800mhz
> 512 Meg 100mhz ram
> 80gig HDD 7200RPM
> ISA Modem
> PCI 10/100 ethernet card
> ATI Rage 128 2x AGP
> sony DVD r/w+- dl
> ps2 mouse & kbd
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