[Tfug] Dell T110 Xeon system with E196FPf monitor/keyboard/mousefor sale

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Tue Oct 20 08:59:56 MST 2015

Hi Louis,
I am interested in buying this computer. Is it still available?
If so when can I drop by to pick it up? My afternoon is free after 3 PM

Eric Bender
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  Hi All,

  I have a noisy Dell T110 Xeon system I want to sell.  $140 or best offer.

  Dell T110 System:
    XEON X3440 @ 2.53GHz  4 core Hyper-threaded
    16 GBytes ECC memory
    250GByte WD Hard drive
    HP DVD ROM (no write)
    On-board graphics (slow)
    NVIDIA GT218 Ge Force 218 (I never got it to work)
    Too much fan noise
    No audio support.

  Dell E196FPf monitor
    19 inch diagonal
    1280x1024 native resolution

  Dell mouse and keyboard.

  Linux installed

    - Louis

  ltaber <at> gmail


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