[Tfug] Linux SIG mtg, 4th Sunday

der.hans tfug at LuftHans.com
Thu Oct 1 00:41:43 MST 2015

Am 15. Sep, 2015 schwätzte Steve B so:

> Like several others on this list I too attended many a TFUG meeting when
> they were held at PCC. Those were good times!I tried attending the Linux
> SIG held by TCS but was turned away. The person running the TCS at that

Was this at the meeting this month or some time ago?

In any case, if the meetings are only for paying members, then there isn't
much point in me trying to promote the meetings with non-members.

Would love to see a regular community meeting in Tucson. I went down to
Sierra Vista for a meeting last week.

> time was staunchly opposed to non TCS members attending any meeting.. At
> that time TCS seemed more interested in money than anything else. While I
> understand they had some expenses at that time, it seemed to me that if you
> wanted to encourage membership you would allow someone to attend at least
> one meeting in order to see if it was of interest to them. Sadly their
> director felt otherwise. When business in Phoenix corresponded with a PLUG
> meeting I attended them with none of the hassle I ever got from TCS. PLUG
> are good people and very good conversation. TCS was good in its heyday. I

Thanks for the kind words about PLUG!

We have been recording our presentations and posting them online. Next
week we have a panel on space with some people who have worked on NASA and
JPL projects.




> loved their mini swap meets!

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