[Tfug] Thumb drive sizes

unixmito at SDF.ORG unixmito at SDF.ORG
Wed Oct 24 21:57:17 MST 2012

How about syncing the files by using rsync, or other similar archiving
tools. Differential backs ups can keep the clutter down. If it is simply
sneaker-net, most archiving tools know how to do incremental and
differential backups. I find it that it is also a matter of discipline,

> On 10/22/2012 4:51 PM, Bender wrote:
>> need more info about your sneakernet system
>> why don';t you ask /. ?
> Costco had three-packs of 16G drives for $27 (28?).
> This was the path of least pain (though I am pretty
> sure I will end up with even *more* crud accumulating
> on them, now!  :< )
> --don
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