[Tfug] Where to buy computer memory in Tucson?

Bill bpier at mail.com
Wed May 28 18:43:44 CDT 2008

Thanks guys!
SWS had exactly what I need in stock and for a good price too!

Bill Pier


> Hi all,
> I'm doing some consulting work and need to upgrade several desktop
> systems with more memory.  I'm new-ish in town and am used to buying
> memory online, (I favor Crucial.com), but the client wants me to buy from
> a store locally and install ASAP.
> In Southern Cal., I used to go to Fry's Electronics for good deals and
> fairly good memory product, but where's the equivalent here in Tucson?
> I've looked at the BestBuy online site and their prices are double 
> Crucial's.  I also
> checked OfficeDepot online, but their site is lame and difficult to 
> locate what I
> need: PC-2700 DDR-333 512MB.
> thanks,
> Bill Pier

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