[Tfug] Laptop choices (IBM/Lenovo)

Ranjan Grover ranjan.grover at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 13:13:39 MST 2006

> The only new T series thinkpad under lenovo is the t60 which looks to
> be a t43 with an intel duo CPU. In any case, I think the quality
> design and construction of thinkpads is still there for now. Wether
> service and support remain what they were is more questionable, but
> the warranties offered still look the same.

To add to that, you can still get the T42s for a very good price. They
are about 1.5 years old but I bought mine about 6 months ago and
really don't feel the need to get anything better. Just a suggestion,
call them up and and you can configure your machine a lot more. I was
able to downgrade my HDD from 60 to 40 GB and upgrade to a SXGA
(1400x1050) monitor as a result. Plus, you can get student discounts
and such to tack of another 10% from the marked price.

IBMs rock and work very well with Linux. The only thing I never got
working was suspend to disk... I can only suspend to RAM currently but
that's good enough.


Ranjan Grover
College of Optical Sciences
University of Arizona

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