[Tfug] Cacti and SNMP

erich erich1 at copper.net
Tue Apr 25 21:17:13 MST 2006

       Looks like an application for the pros. I assume you looked
at http://www.cacti.net/ and http://cacti.net/cactid_info.php
I got the above by doing an "emerge -s cacti" on a Gentoo system.
Simple Network Monitoring Protocol is apparently not too common.


Ron Sandel wrote:

>So I have Cacti set up and it's nicely monitoring cpu and hard disk and 
>all those essentials, but what I cannot figure out how to do, is get it 
>to do local in/out bandwidth.  General and maybe by port or something.  
>I know you have to use SNMP but after pouring through docs and googling 
>around, I can't find a simple howto on setting up SNMP to do such a 
>thing.  Does anyone have any tips/websites on what seems like a rather 
>simple task?
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