[Tfug] Low Cost Linux Friendly dialup?

Jon bigj at flatwan.net
Wed Apr 19 07:46:59 MST 2006

Bill M. said:
> AJH and BigJ (Jon),
>>><snip> If that's a problem try
>> Eskimo.com, slightly more that toast (15$ vs. 10$) but with a web page.
>> so that's it toast.net or eskimo.com. With the others it was definitely
>> caveat emptor.
>> ajh
> Looking at the Eskimo North site, they specifically mention that they
> provide a 10% discount to Linux User Group members. Happens if the LUG
> posts an ad on their web site linking to Eskimo. This might be a very
> nice way to provide an even better discount for dial-up.
> Is this something that can be considered during the web site re-design?
> TFUG members OK with this?
> They mention that their "broadband back-up" dial-up service is something
> like $36/year - very reasonable for 40 hrs. a month.

I'm ok with that.


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