[Tfug] Cable modem choice?

Shawn Nock nock at email.arizona.edu
Mon Apr 10 12:35:14 MST 2006

Louis Taber wrote:
> Hi TFUG,
> I am in the process of switching from Quest to Cox Cable as my Internet
> provider.
> The Motorola Surfboard SB5120 does not appear to allow for NAT of DHCP
> settings <grrrr...>.
    The Surfboards really are just cable modems (no routing, firewall, 
or network services of any kind). They are however very good at being 
cable modems and I haven't have problems with the two I have used over 
the years.
    I usually combine the modem with a commodity home router/firewall 
(Linksys WRT54G/GS seem to be nice with several open firmware versions) 
or if you are feeling adventurous;  Try a box from Soekris Engineering 
(http://www.soekris.com/). These are great, small form factor embedded 
PCs that will run a 'full' operating system from a compact flash card 
(Mine run OpenBSD...). They offer expandability (PCI, miniPCI, IDE). For 
example, I put a hifn crypto accelerator (miniPCI) in one of mine and 
the ipsec VPN to work is seemless and full (cable internet limited) 
speed (Not to mention I get to use pf, which makes the linksys firewall 
and our netscreen-25 seem like toys). The MiniPCI will also accept wifi 
cards and several companies (www.netgate.com) offer pigtail antenna 
assemblies for soekris boxes. If OpenBSD isn't your thing m0n0wall is 
FreeBSD based, runs on the soekris boxes, and comes with php web 
configuration (read: easier than building and installing an OS and 
tweaking /etc/* ).

> (At least it doesn't seem to have any documentation even leaning in that
> direction.)
> Any recommendation on a Cable modem that handles these issues?  Thanks.  -
> Louis
    I have never used a 'one box does all' solution, but I have heard 
very bad things about all of them (google search: Actiontec DSL router). 
I can heartily recommend either the linksys or soekris boxes in 
combination with the Motorola Surfboard series.
> ======================================================
> Shameless parts trafficking   I will have two ActionTec DSL modems available
> when I get COX working.  Both with wireless.  Please contact me off list if
> interested.   lt
Oh wait, you must already know the pain I was describing, you own a few 
actiontecs already...

Good Luck & Have fun,

Shawn Nock (OpenPGP: 0xEF9B08E7)
Broadcast Engineer; KUAT Communications Group
University of Arizona
nock 'at ' arizona 'dot' edu

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