[Tfug] Groups problem

Chris Hill ubergeek at ubergeek.tv
Mon Apr 10 00:01:37 MST 2006

Thanks Michael and Stephen, that was most definitely it.

Had no idea I had to log out to change such a simple thing. Is that the 
only way? Thankfully I rarely modify my groups.


Michael Schultheiss wrote:
> Chris Hill wrote:
>>Ok, I'm not great with groups, but I've got some bizarre problem. 
>>Basically if I run the groups command as root, I can see that my groups 
>>have updated. But from the user's perspective, the groups have not been 
>>updated, and therefore I can't do anything useful with the new groups.
> logout and log back in again.  Changes in group memberships aren't made
> active until you login again.
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