[Tfug] Re: silly question about gdm wm options

Paul Scott waterhorse at ultrasw.com
Sat Apr 1 00:22:33 MST 2006

t takahashi wrote:
> i'm sure you're right.  i was hoping there was a principled reason or
> Advanced Mode (yeah right) :-).
> even /etc/gdm/Sessions/myfile is not sufficient :-(.  i wanted to be
> able to select wmii without monkey business.
Are you talking about install time or run time?

I suppose you could be provided with a list of WM's at install time but 
then where would they draw the line as to what choices of packages to load.

At run time it doesn't a lot of sense to interrogate the Debian package 
site (and then installing your new choice) every time you start gdm so 
choosing among the WM's installed on your system makes a lot of sense.


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