[Tfug] Debian struggling with security

JD Rogers rogersjd at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 23:47:22 MST 2005

Yeah, I don't see Ubuntu as replacing Debian at all. It kinda like
knoppix.. its based on debian and tries to do much less than debian,
but do it very well. That's fine. If it works better for you, use it.
It even looks to offer commercial support, so thats great too.
However, Ubuntu has installs for 3 archs (PPC, x86, x86-64). Debian
has 11. Debian is also completely volunteer, so there is no commercial
motivation.. I find that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside because
it sorta takes the gnuness all the way. Maybe this will wind up being
a great example of cathedral/bazaar from within the linux world. But I
feel that most 'vehement ubuntu users' are seriously misinformed. At
least the ones that are vehement about being anti-debian.

Even the ubuntu site says debian is critical to Ubuntu's existance:
Hopefully Ubuntu devs will follow through and continue to contribute
back to debian, but either way, I don't think debian is going away.


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